Smashy Road Online Game

Smashy Road: Wanted was released onto Google Play about a month ago and has been sharing the top spots with other entertaining games in the App Store thanks to the increasing popularity with Android users.

This game has youwanted and trying to evade the Army, Policeman, Tanks, and many more while driving around various areas like the desert, the city, and even SECRET AREAS. Listed below you will find ten tricks and tips to helping you escape the special forces that are specifically trying to chase you down.

1. The Classic Smashy Road Time Lapse Cheat

Collecting coins in this game is crucial to helping players survive longer in this Smashy Road game. Needing to collect coins can prove to be a bit tricky seeing as how you need to evade the police while doing it, but the classic time lapse cheat can help to solve that problem.

This cheat allows players to go forward in time which lets the player collect more coins in a shorter amount of time. All you need to do is go into the settings of your device and change the time and/or date forward tricking the game into thinking more time has passed then what actually has in between the time of play. Now, you are free to collect huge sums of coins in a smaller amount of time. If you set reset the time in your setting back to normal then be aware that you may have to wait a longer time in between collecting coins.

2. More Stars: Good or Bad?

As each round is completed, you are given stars that signify how far into the game you are which can raise the difficulty level as you continue playing. Be cautious as this may cause the vehicles to be faster and more unforgiving causing you to have a more difficult driving away from the policeman.

3. Outsmart Police Cars With Your Driving

In this particular game, evading the policeman does not have to be as difficult as what it may seem. All you need to do is outsmart them with your driving. The easiest way is to take routes along with special maneuvers, such as sharp turns andquickroad changesthat will cause the cop cars to crash into an obstacle or even one another allowing you to be able to make your escape.

4. Destroy Police Barriers, Not Cars

Seeing as, in this game, it can be difficult to destroy the police cars themselves, it has been proven to be easier and quicker to just destroy the police barriers instead.

5. Car Haulers Are Helpful

Like in similar games, car haulers will let you drive onto them and jump over the police cars allowing your escape to be more efficient. Just be careful since you can flip the vehicle and end up crashing.

6. Drive Between Buildings

This game allows you to showcase your driving skills by driving between buildings to get the cops stuck in the alleyway or even crash into each other trying to go around.

7. Secret Locations

In order to find these secret locations throughout the Smashy Road: Wanted game, start your search off-road.

8. Cornered by Police

It isn't often that you will find yourself cornered by the police but if you are just go with your instincts but usually all you need to do is to back away from them and they will then continue trying to chase you down.

9. Ball of Fire

This game actually allows you to blow up a tanker truck to help take out the pile of cop cars that are chasing you. When performing this action, if you are driving a slow moving vehicle it could end up blowing you up along with the policeman so just be cautious.

10. Big Bucks and Legendary Rides

This game has the option to collect up to 200 coins, the game limit, just by watching videos that give you 20 coins each for free. You will also receive random cars that are gifted to you in the game which can be either common, rare, or even legendary cars to help you escape. Certain vehicles can even give you free coins for at a faster rate just by the special stats it contains.